Illustration of a sword

The Blade Knight's Symbol of there holy!


The Blade Knight's earn there rank as a #3 top Monster Hunting group given there leader is a selfish careless person that care for no one but himself. They are symbol to the people as a holy light against the Dark times of Monster running around. With there true secret of using other people to help them gain there rank they do no real work at all to earn the title as a hope to others. There only known weapon is to threaten other people they will declare war on them if they do not do as they say leaving them all to believe they can defeat there group. The Blade Knight's are ranked in 8 level of members with the max of 450 people in a troop.

Rank # Name Group Name
1 Crade Death Hole
2 Gray Holy Knights
4 Violet The Punishment

Now they continue to rain there warped way thinking they can rule everyone with the fear of there false reputation. But unable to get Crid to fear them they continue to find his one weak point to make him the last threat to there goals of ruling all 9 of the Monster Hunting clans.