Ideal look for Daisy.


Daisy is a charming vampire with her child-ish act and her love for blood. Born in a Vampire village known as Nu-gar where people who enter has never return from there. Leaving her family when she was 37 she set out to go and look into the human's territory and along the way fell into a rope trap set to catch a wild animal. The hunters were shocked to see what they found when her skirt as well was down. With Daisy being embarrassed by that action she quickly escape from there and not long fall into a pit trap. Continuing to fall for the traps she was scared what she have faced but the reputation of her being a vampire fall when she screamed at a bat. Being the only vampire afraid of bats she ran to the top of a mountain that people call Vandor's Mountain for they given it calling a monster up there Vandor that will kill anyone who enter that ground. There she remain for years on pass living life to her own scared way and continue to fall for traps from time to time.