Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter's Symbol that raise in Honor!


Demon Hunter with a Symbol of a Skull with a Dagger jabbed in the top represent the defeating of Monsters that walk the world. Being one of the nine top groups that are against the Monsters and are trying to kill every one. The Demon Hunters were ranked as the #5 best Monster Hunting group. With 7 Ranked class and there leaders to run how they please with the max of 300 people in each one.

The Demon Hunters have manged to make alliance with three of the Monster Slayer groups of Blade Knights, ???, and ???.

Rank # Name Group Name
1 D.O. Court Elder


??? ???
3 ??? ???
4 Sarah X-Blood Slayer
5 Crid Blood Slayer
6 ??? ???
7 ??? ???

Now the Demon Hunters managed to avoid many trouble caused by there members they rule in a base unknown on chart in a swamp protected by the Monks around where no evil spirits can enter. The Demon Hunters have 3 leaders in the Court that decide on how the fate of the people go and everyone as a member of there's must have a sword or a bow with there symbol on it to avoid any misunderstanding of another group.