A Ideal look to Nina.


Nina was born as a Werewolf in Demon's Castle. At birth her parents abandon her in the woods not wanting her she was left alone. She was found by humans from a village not to far away from the Demon's Castle they took her in. Always so cheerful and wanting to play kids would have fun with her, a collar was found hanging on a tree that caught her eyes as she put it on she would always call it her lucky collar. She never would remove that collar of her that her adopted parents would always call her the house pet for a joke. She always desire meats and would go crazy over it being her favorite food. It was not long till they discover what Nina is when a Werewolf attack the village one day and when villagers went to stop it morning soon came and they found her sleeping in a chicken pen with feathers in her mouth and scars on her body. When she woke up she could not understand when everyone made her a outcast and scared her to the woods afraid of what they done. She hides in the woods scared of humans and only enjoying being alone but continue to wait for someone to find her and take her home.

400 years later

A boy by the name of Crid went inside of her territory and found himself a hot-spring in the woods and decided to take a soak. Because of the steam he thought he was alone when he heard a strange sound. Soon when the steam calm down a bit they managed to see one another in the hot-springs. Nina's surprise reaction made her punch Crid by mistake leaving him defeated in a battle against a woman. Crid apologize for that not knowing that she was there and he also didn't expect to see anyone from that ground. When she forgave him they went there separate way for a short time when Crid starts a fire and begin to cook meat on it. With Nina's great sense of smell she went to where it was coming from and found the same boy from before. Ignoring that she focused only on the food staying hidden but that failed when Crid saw her and told her to get out of hiding. Seeing her hungry Crid offer her some of his food she was pleased and happy that she sat down and grab a large piece of meat. They began to talk with one another and got to understanding when she agree to travel with him on his quest to Demon's Castle.