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Leader of the Blade Knight's 4th Squad Violet. Violet joined in the Blade Knights because of her father owning the Group itself. She is a spoiled girl who wants everyone to follow her in what she decide and have no one questioning her judgement even if it is wrong. With others hoping that her judgement is not wrong or there punishment is being whipped for there so call false judgement. She became known as the Punishment for her action on killing anyone who do anything not to her own liking.

She fell in love with a man from the Demon Hunters known as Shino the leader of the 5th squad that was once known as, "HH" (a.k.a Helping Hand). After 3 years of being a couple Violet was not able to get Shino to do anything she wanted when it require to go against his honor. So in despite of that she grew angry that she would not get her way and plan her attack on him. Filling out a request to the Demon Hunters that she need some helpers in transporting a Giant to a secret base for study she request for a personal of the 5th squad. On there head out Shino and Crid along with the rest of the members headed out to support the Blade Knights. Her plan of killing was close to complete when the ambush has started and fled the sight right after that has happen. Making it back to the Demon Hunters reporting in that they have done a crime against the code and fled in battle leaving the Blade Knights to do all the work. The Demon Hunters came back in fewer numbers then before with many dead bodies of there own men, Crid who was a survivor from the battle field claim against the Blade Knights for there traitor action and leaving the people to die Violet threaten the Leader of the Demon Hunter that if there willing to believe Crid's lie then they will declared war for treason against them.

After heading back to celebrate there victory in killing Shino at night a attacker came in and crash the party killing all her followers without any mercy. Seeing the face of the killer it was revealed to be Crid from the Demon Hunters. In rage of losing her men she headed back to the Demon Hunter's territory and reported a act of war against the Blade Knights with the murder of all her men. With her seeing Crid chained up for his action she was pleased to see him locked up for the crime of murder. She left with a smile on her face enjoying the defeat of the 5th Squad of the Demon Hunters.